End to End Solutions

End to End Solutions2018-10-11T12:49:44+00:00

Client: Lucey Warehousing and Distribution, Greenogue

To deliver a fully functional, end-to-end solution for their client’s put-away, pick, pack and despatch requirements and integrate with SAP.

The customer’s client
The client in question is the largest manufacturer and distributor of confectionery in the country. It went to tender for a suitable 3PL provider who could deliver a solution that was fully integrated with its SAP-based back-office systems. Lucey Warehousing and Distribution won the tender and turned to Navitas to fulfil the application software demands of the job.

Specific challenges unique to the client
–Automatic dynamic pick face replenishment
–Auto pick rules whereby different customer sites have different trade life guarantees
–Batch traceability
–Detopping of oversized pallets, where 6 pallets at the back door become 8 pallets in the warehouse
–AS/2 based file exchange
–Routine to highlight stock which is going out of date.
–Stock take
–GS1 compatible barcode scanning capability
–Printing on client-specific paperwork

We integrated Navitas WMS (Warehouse Management System) with the Vocollect Voice-based platform and a full EDI suite, which communicates seamlessly with SAP R2. The EDI suite consists of master data (customer sites and product SKU’s) and transactional data (goods in, goods out, shipment creation, POD messages and automated stock snapshot) on a weekly basis.

Implementation of these technologies will provide for greater control for management, along with improved cost savings through more efficient workplace practices