Freight Forwarding Back Office Systems

Freight Forwarding Back Office Systems2018-08-30T14:11:43+00:00

Client: Global Freight Connections, Basildon

To standardise the freight-forwarding back-office systems and ensure that all jobs are correctly booked, costed, tracked and invoiced for the client. In addition, provide a Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution to cater for a new pick, pack and despatch operation which was initiated in 2017.

We implemented Navitas FMS (Freight Management System) which handles the freight forwarding side of the business and Navitas WMS (Warehouse Management System) which addressed a logistics and warehousing expansion in 2017 to address the needs of the business.
Greater efficiency and cost saving – both the Navitas FMS (Freight Management System) and Navitas WMS (Warehouse Management System) use technology which helped to lessen the burden and simplify work practices for employees resulting in a more streamlined and efficient way of doing things.