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Supporting You from Beginning to End

Navitas Software offer a range of support services, to go along with your Freight or Warehouse Management Software system. These support services cover everything from Implementation, Installation, Training and On-going Support.

The implementation process is a key part in getting any system up and working. A common misconception of implementation is the time it takes to get your system up and running. This time includes installing the system, preparing and converting data, training users on how the system is used and troubleshooting to ensure users can be up and running after the system is installed.

A typical install takes an average of six to eight weeks, with a consultant spending six to eight hours a day, one day a week in office with the client, to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. It is important that a timeline can be established before the process begins and all involved in the process follow the timeline as closely as possible.

  • Analysis: In the analysis session, a project manager, consultant and your team discuss in detail your requirements, structure and the steps necessary to successfully integrate the solution into your environment. This is also the start of creating the timeline and assigning responsible parties for each step of the project. It is important that these dates be carefully reviewed, as future changes can cause delays.
  • Installation: Installation is performed by our consultant. A representative from your IT department will need to be available during this process.
  • Data Conversion: Implementation of relevant data. Where possible we will extract information from existing systems to streamline the process of moving to a new system e.g. customer and creditor listings.
  • Review and Testing: An important step in implementation is confirming that the information is accurate and business rules are working properly.
  • Training: Training is a vital part to a successful system implementation and ensuring our customers obtain maximum benefit from FMS or WMS.

Training sessions should begin with an overview of the system. Through the knowledge gained during setup and review, time is needed to refine the steps required to use the system to match your internal processes. During this entire process your consultant will record their observations regarding the need for additional training and implementation assistance.

  • Training is normally given on the customer site and by a scheduled appointment, it can be given on an informal one-to-one basis for small groups or in a formal classroom style for larger groups.
  • Going Live: Day one of ROI (return on investment).
  • Post Implementation Review: Some time after the go-live, a review of how the system is being used is necessary. Often, valuable functions are not being used most effectively or not at all. At this point, your consultant will provide guidance and additional training to ensure that you obtain the full value from your investment.
  • Support: We offer a support service to all clients, should they require it. Navitas can give expert support by email or over the phone. Through remote administration, we can log onto your network, either to the central server or to individual computers or laptops. Diagnose and resolve the issues and most importantly, provide an instant response to your problem.

You can receive the latest product maintenance releases as part of our support contract. You can discuss product requirements and suggestions directly with the development team, whereby these suggestions may eventually become features in new versions of our products.

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