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Supporting You from Beginning to End with Integrated Systems

At the heart of Navitas Software’s solution is our very strong and proven ability to integrate with other systems. These EDI integrations can be divided into Client based links and Vendor based links.

At Navitas Software our mission is to avoid duplication of data entry. For example a Delivery order created in in a customer’s ERP system should be able to be interfaced to a delivery order in our WMS (Warehouse Management System) electronically.

The benefits to the customer and the customer’s client are enormous.

Client based links

To date we have successfully integrated major clients back-end ERP systems to Navitas. These comprise two way links to SAP for Smyths Toys, Cadbury, Britvic Soft Drinks and Danone to name but a few.

We have full integration with Ornua (The Irish Dairy Board) back end M3 system.

We have completed an EDI link with Sage 1000. We are comfortable dealing with multiple file format including XML, CSV and EDIFACT.

Vendor based links

This refers to Navitas creating links with our customers existing back office system. For example we have seamless integration with Exchequer Enterprise accounting system. So if an invoice is created in Navitas FMS (Freight Management System) it will automatically post into the Exchequer sales daybook.

Another very successful and beneficial integration is with Enterprise Imaging’s document management system EI-Trax.

We have also delivered end-to-end solutions voice directed put away, pick, pack and despatch by partnering with Heavey RF and the market leading Vocollect platform.

Warehouse and Freight Management Solutions and Logistics

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