Stock Holding Management

Stock Holding Management2018-10-08T14:09:42+00:00

Denis J. Downey, Cork

To manage stock holding, comprising 1 tonne bags of breast milk substitute and distribute for final consumer packaging

The customer’s client
The customers client is very large muti-national manufacturing milk powder for international sale and distribution, SAP is their back office along with Guardian which looks after product grading and runs alongside SAP

Specific challenges unique to the client
Storage of one tonne bags each with a unique SSCC GS1 compatible label
Auto pick rules whereby different customer sites have different grading requirements
Batch traceability
AS/2 based file exchange
Stock take
GS1 compatible barcode scanning capability
Printing on client specific paperwork

Navitas WMS (Warehouse Management System) integrated with Falcon X3 with a full EDI suite communicating seamlessly with SAP R2 and Guardian. The EDI suite consists of Transactional Data (Good in, Goods out, Shipment creation, POD messages and automated Stock Snapshot on a weekly basis)

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